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Learning Team 5 and 6

 Newsletter                                                                                                 February, 2013


Dear parents and caregivers


This newsletter is designed to give you a general idea of some of the ways things are done in Year 5 and 6 and to keep you informed about upcoming events.


The teachers in Year 5 and 6 this year are:  Elaine Bolitho Room 9 (Team leader), Kylie Latu Room 10, Melissa Heath Room 11.


This Year’s Theme


  • Our whole school theme this year is “Manaaki Ao –Caring for the world”.


  • Throughout the year this will be interpreted and developed to provide students with interesting contexts and subtopics such as NZ myths and legends, the sea, the life of Pre-European Maori and art activities.



 Our homework sheets reflect our belief that in Year 5 and 6 our students need to be doing the basics. This means that Reading and Spelling feature prominently. There is also an activity that may be part of a current study, but not always. These sheets are usually given out on a Monday or Friday and need to be done for the following Friday.

  • Homework should take no more time than 20 -30 minutes each night, Monday to Thursday.  
  • Homework at this level should be a pleasant experience so that it becomes a regular part of the child’s week.
  • It is important to speak to the class teacher if your child is having difficulty with homework.


 Camp and Activity Week


  • From March 12 to 15 all students  will be involved in either Camp (Year 6) or ‘Kids in Action’ Week (Year5).


  • Camp will be at Raincliff and arrangements for this are well under way. Year 6 students will be bringing home information from now on and we will be having a day’s focus on pre-camp preparation in the next week or two.


  • ‘Kids in Action’ Week will be based at school and will have a focus on the outdoors.



  • This is when classes go to other teachers in the Learning team for different subjects. It occurs on Tuesdays between 1 and 2pm. The subjects covered are: Te Reo Maori, Health/Music, and Physical Education. Classes rotate so that all subject areas are covered.




  • Thank you to the many Year 5 and 6 students who have become monitors for various tasks including Road Safety and Sports Shed. These are responsible positions and we encourage them to take up these opportunities when ever possible.

  Values and Assertive discipline


  • All classes emphasize the school’s value system and are part of the school -wide assertive discipline system. We work hard to maintain a positive feel in our classrooms and each teacher uses a reward system to acknowledge those who settle to work and conduct themselves responsibly.




1.Read to your child regularly; share the reading with them by taking turns

2.Ask them questions about what they have read.

3.Be supportive of all their efforts; encourage them to read a variety of material.

4.Read environmental things such as road signs, signs in shops, instructions, recipes etc.

5.Provide a quiet working space for homework.

6.Encourage other interests besides TV and playstations

7.Go over Times Tables and/or basic facts. 


If you have any concerns about your child, please don’t hesitate to contact the class teacher. If you think that a quick chat is not enough we can always make an appointment at a convenient time for a more in depth discussion.


Kind Regards

Elaine Bolitho

Kylie Latu

Melissa Heath






Learning Team Years 5 & 6 consists of 3 classrooms situated in Rooms 9, 10 and 11.

Students in these areas are grouped together in Years 5 & 6 of mixed ability. Each classroom has approximately 28 students. In Maths students are grouped according to ability and they leave their Home Room to go to the appropriate room for this curriculum area. Once a week students interchange for Te-Reo, Health and Physical Education. These subjects are part of a weekly rotation which enables students to cover one learning area each week. A Year 5/6 Choir is a popular part of the School’s Enrichment programme. Other enrichment activities for the Year 5/6 students include Art and ICT (Information and Communication Technology).

Year 6 students attend a four day outdoor education camp in March each year. This is held at Raincliff Youth Camp, near Pleasant Point. All Year 6 students attend and invariably enjoy the challenge of living away from home for several days and nights while learning more about our local area. During this time the Year 5 students remain at School and take part in "Kids in Action" Week
with themes of a combination of the outdoors, sport, art and drama.

As with other Learning Teams, the students have access to Active in Sport lunch time programmes, the P.E. Shed for sports equipment and the Adventure Playground. Many students take the opportunity to carry out responsibilities such as sports
shed monitors and traffic wardens.

The School Values of Achievement, Respect, Caring, Honesty, Effort and Responsibility are emphasised throughout the Learning Team during all activities. Specific learning is done in all classes and particularly in the interchange Health class to address any issues of bullying and to give students knowledge and understanding of what to do if in a bullying situation.






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We are accepting new enrolments now for 2013, 2014 and beyond.

Please note that the enrolment zone was lifted at the beginning of May, 2013. 

Contact the School Office for more details. Feel free to contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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